Amolo runs a primary school in the Amuria district in Uganda.

But he is also concerned about the home life and living conditions of many of the children that attend his school. After receiving training, made possible through your support, to start adult literacy classes, Amolo was convinced that he needed to expand his school’s programming to reach illiterate adults in his community as well.

Working with the local leaders, Amolo has started basic hygiene lessons for families along with a community project to provide each home with a pit latrine. Many families have signed up. Working together provides plenty of opportunities to talk and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. When basic needs are met, people become curious about what else is possible.

Recently, Amolo received an invitation from the Soroti Prison administration to be part of an outreach to the inmates, the wardens and all their families. Amolo sees this new opportunity to share the gospel as another doorway to introduce the adult literacy concept in the community. God is opening doors!

As God opens doors in Africa, you are providing the Bible that will help an adult learn to read the truths of God’s Word for themselves!