As a young girl, Jagriti received no formal education. Instead, Jagriti spent her days working as a child labourer. When she grew older she gave birth to a daughter whom she named Trishna. Like all parents, Jagriti wanted more for her daughter, so she enrolled Trishna in a government school.

Jagriti began losing confidence in her ability to provide a better life for her daughter when she realized that she was unable to help Trishna with her homework. By the grace of God, Jagriti heard about an Adult Literacy Class nearby and was thrilled to join. The class repaired her confidence and provided her with a well-rounded education that equipped her to help her daughter in school. Jagriti also began to learn how to take care of her own health, both physically and spiritually.

Jagriti awakened to God’s blessings in her life and she began following Jesus as her Saviour. She also began making detergent to sell to local shopkeepers, and over time, made more products. Now Jagriti’s husband helps her with the business and they work together as a team living healthy lives and for the first time, saving money.