Because of your support, Lucy, a volunteer coordinator in the Philippines is able to share exciting developments in Children’s Ministry.

2020 has been a tough year! No one could ever have imagined how everything would change.

When schools and churches closed, and even visiting students in their homes wasn’t allowed, it really affected our students!

At first it seemed like the lockdown was too big a problem to overcome.

But God showed us He is still in control of everything. He gave us ideas on how to reach the students even during this trying time.

We used the gift of technology, first, to reach the volunteer teachers, and then to reach the students. Through instant messaging we could encourage each other and most amazingly reach out and be able to share God’s Word with the students!

Suddenly, distance is not a hindrance for us! It doesn’t matter how far away the volunteers are, they are being used by God to reach out to the students, every day instead of every week. Faithful obedience is all that is required.

My church has also seen an increase in numbers. We can’t meet in buildings, but we meet outside or online. Many new young people are coming, most of whom were our students in the schools where we taught, and others are invited by our students.

Thankfully, we are still able to give Bibles to the youth we are connecting with through house-to-house evangelism, and one-to-one evangelism.

Every day is a challenge. But every day is a gift from God to reach out to more souls for His glory!