Vadin was just a toddler when he was orphaned and went to live in the slums with his aunt and uncle.

Vadin’s new guardians had very little money, but he was better off than many of his peers; some children in the area even lived on their own in India.

Vadin attended school—until he turned 8. Then, unable to support him any longer, Vadin’s uncle sent him to live in an orphanage, hoping that there he might continue his education.

Four years later, Vadin was sent back to live with his uncle.

And that’s when God brought Timsy into his life. Passionate about helping children in the slums have a better future, she invited Vadin to join the Children’s Bible Club she was leading!

During his years in the orphanage, Vadin’s education had suffered and he was eager to learn. He loved the tutoring he received at the Bible Club and paid close attention.

Vadin learned Christ-centered action songs, Bible stories, and verses from Scripture. Timsy shared the Gospel message with him and, moved by the truth and hope found in Jesus, Vadin received Christ as his Saviour!

At home it was a very different story. His aunt and uncle insisted he offer daily sacrifices to their idols, and when he refused, they became angry and punished him. They threatened to stop him from attending the Bible Club. Vadin kept his new Bible hidden from them.

At Bible Club, Timsy continues to encourage Vadin, but he worries about the fallout at home as he moves forward in his faith. Praying together, they ask God to provide courage and strength, and, a way for Vadin to share Jesus with his aunt and uncle!