Almost sixty-five years ago, Paul Byer developed what we now know as the Manuscript Bible Study. The revolutionary inductive method of studying the Bible was born out of the desire to quickly draw connections between the texts. After a few years of perfecting, InterVarsity adopted this approach.

A few years ago, Paul was invited to lead twenty-five InterVarsity University students through the Gospel of Mark during a week-long camp in PEI using the Manuscript Bible Study method. The enthusiasm was so high that the camps have since grown to include more than 600 participants annually across six locations.

Over the week, students read and reflect on a passage of Scripture, record observations, circle thematic words, and draw lines between connected ideas. Students then share their thoughts and seek answers together in groups.

“Scripture becomes real to people when they read, study, and discuss it in this way,” says InterVarsity President, Geri Rodman.

Scripture took on new meaning for Jill when she found herself struggling with her understanding of God after going through a challenging semester. God reminded her that His disciples doubted and became angry at times, but it didn’t stop Him from providing peace in the midst of chaos. She realized that God had not abandoned her after all.

Paul’s unconventional approach to studying Scripture has become a much-loved form of Bible study for tens of thousands of people in Canada, the United States, and all over the world.