Lucía lives just outside the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in the troubled neighbourhood of Sergio Toral. Here, many young children are exposed to violence, drugs and abuse.

“When we started working here, we heard a lot about theft and violence,” Lucía says. “But many of these problems arise because our neighbours have not heard that there is a God who can fill their lives instead!” With this call from Jesus in her heart, Lucía has started to share the Gospel where she and her husband live.

They have created a space where children can come to hear the Bible and its teachings. “We share with them that there is a God who loves them and who gave His life for them,” she says. “We tell them that they are not alone.”

Children attend the Bible club every Sunday. There they listen to the Word of God and learn how to share it with their friends. Lucía is excited to teach them. “Through the children, parents have come, and now they are also hearing the Word of God — some already want to be baptized!” Lucía exclaims. Since starting her ministry, violence and robberies in Sergio Toral have decreased. There are also fewer reports of abuse.

“This world is so damaged and so in need of God’s love,” adds Lucía. She will continue to share the Word of God in Sergio Toral until the whole community comes to know Jesus!