Luis felt dead, like he was good for nothing and wanted by no one. He was caught in the snare of drugs and alcohol with little hope of a better life. God, however, had other plans. Luis met a woman who soon became pregnant and gave birth to a little girl. “She was the turning point. To see my daughter every day, I knew I had to resolve my problems. I felt the moment was right to go to church,” he recalls.

Luis visited a local evangelical church and the experience changed him. “God called me in that moment. He told me, ‘Son, get up and come to me.’ And I went to Him,” he says. The change in Luis’s life was so dramatic that the church leadership took notice of him and asked him to meet with them.

In time, the leadership felt compelled that Luis should start a church and approached him about the opportunity. Luis wanted to obey God and responded saying, “I am available to what God wants in my life.” Since that moment, Luis has been sharing the Gospel in San Martir, utilizing the training he received from your support. He has seen people desperate for God overcome struggles and reconcile with Jesus. “It’s beautiful,” he says. “I use my testimony so that people see that for God, there is nothing impossible.”