Among the 25 million people in Ethiopia and surrounding countries that speak Oromiffa, two million are Christian. Yet only about 4% of them have Bibles. There is a drought of Scriptures in Ethiopia and God’s people are thirsty for His Living Word.

An Oromo believer named Geda accepted Christ a few years ago. It took four years, but Geda finally got his long-awaited Bible. As a result of your support for Bible League Canada.

For Geda, having God’s written word is important for three reasons. “A Christian cannot live without the Bible,” he says. “It is a symbol of being a Christian and you must have one to share your faith with others.”

In addition to helping him share his faith, owning the Scriptures is important to Geda because it means he can look up references in his pastor’s sermons. He likes to read the Word for himself. Best of all, having a copy of the Scriptures means Geda can study at home. “The Bible, and daily reading, helped me to grow spiritually.” He and his wife have seven children. Geda began teaching his children about God. When they had questions, he could answer them with specific verses.

Geda’s mother strongly resisted believing in Jesus and challenged him, asking, “What difference will it make if I accept Christ?” He was able to look up Scripture passages that spoke to her doubts and read them to her.

Following me, the whole family became followers of Jesus,” says Geda. Even his mother eventually became a Christian.

Geda shares the Gospel with others who cross his path. He told Gemu, the assistant farmer that works alongside him in his fields, about Jesus. Gemu noticed the change in his employer and decided to follow Christ too. Today, Gemu sits near Geda and his family in church. He also has his own Scriptures.