Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Bible’s impact on communities.

Before you go, there’s something you should know…

We believe that EVERY Christian should have access to a Bible in their own language—so they can read, study, and apply God’s Word to their lives. At Bible League Canada, we have a passion to share the Word of God to all peoples, everywhere. Not by exporting Christianity, but by working with local believers in villages, neighborhoods, and cities worldwide. Through ministry partnerships with Christians in nearly 50 countries, we share God’s Word so that His Spirit might work in the hearts of those reading it.

But here’s the heart-wrenching truth: millions of Christians worldwide still lack access to the Bible in their own language. These aren’t just statistics; they are local pastors, children’s ministry leaders, and moms and dads who are trying to read and share the Gospel of Jesus, without a Bible.

Imagine being a pastor wanting to share the joy of Jesus with your neighbors, yet not having a Bible to read. Or imagine being a child eager to learn about Jesus but not having a Bible to call your own. Their hunger for God’s Word is real, and their need is urgent.

Your gift today will answer the prayers of someone who has longed for a physical copy of God’s Word to read, study, and share with their family and neighbors. For just $5, you can place a Bible in someone’s waiting hands.

If you believe in the power of the Bible to transform lives and communities, please take 30 seconds and use the secure form below to give someone their first Bible.