In the midst of pressure from other religions the Holy Spirit is at work and moving throughout Africa.

God is at work in Africa

The region of East Africa presents some tremendous opportunity and progress, as well as significant challenges. In this region, more than 40% of the population is made up of children below the age of 15, and they are the future of the church. However, Tribal conflicts, spiritual warfare, social issues and political unrest have created significant barriers for Africa’s future.

Despite these issues, miracles are happening and kingdom-minded workers are eager to bring the Word of God to everyone they meet.

Our work in Africa

Total Scriptures placed last year

New Followers of Jesus last year

What Africa needs

  • Bibles in various languages to catch up to the demand.
  • Training for local champions to reach out to less evangelized people groups.
  • Materials for programs that focus on children and youth.

You can transform the region of Africa with the Living Word of God

  • $40 sends 2 children to Children’s Ministry programs
  • $50 provides for 1 Adult Ministry class or 10 Bibles
  • $100 helps equip and train a local champion

Become a Cornerstone Monthly Donor partner by pledging a monthly contribution of $40 or more.

Stories of transformation in Africa

Michael, A Church Leader In South Sudan

Samuel, A Local Champion in Kenya

Morgan, A Local Champion in Kenya

Pastor Moses, In Kenya

Daniella, In Uganda

Pastor Leonard, In Uganda

A Local Champion in Ethiopia

A Local Champion in Africa

A Church Leader in South Sudan

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