About Us

What is our mission?

We are called by God to provide Scriptures and training worldwide, so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into relationship with Christ and His Church. 

What is our Big Holy Audacious Goal?

  • All people
  • Everywhere
  • Transformed by the Living Word of God

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to do all we can to bring the Living Word of God into the hands of people around the world, because the world needs the Living Word of God more than anything else.

How We Work

What sets us apart? We don't just send North Americans on the ground to preach God's word: we mentor local believers to instil this powerful message within their communities. In fact, our ministry relies on three distinct parts working together to build a steady foundation for lasting change:

The Word of God

One-on-one or group training

Development of local champions

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