A New Motivation for Living

BLC new motivation for living PS

At only 18 years old, Carlos had been on a long journey where revenge for his father’s brutal death was his only motivation for living. By 16, he had found a place where he could make his plans for revenge a reality – a gang.

As time passed, Carlos began to see how a life of revenge and violence served no purpose. After surviving a vicious gunfight in which his friend had died, Carlos saw how the hand of God had protected his life. Carlos no longer wanted to stay in the gang but he feared the gang’s reprisals if he tried to leave. He turned to Edwin, a local pastor and church planter, who approached the gang leaders and told them that Carlos had given his life to Jesus and they should let him go. They accepted the decision.

Today, Carlos, his wife, and four-month-old son attend the Church of God in San Vicente, where Carlos continues to grow under Edwin’s discipleship. Carlos credits God with the remarkable changes in life: “God is the only one who has been able to transform me, but He did it. I feel content and different.”

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