A Muslim woman takes refuge in Jesus’s sacrifice

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Each year, Sandra made sacrifices to atone for her sins. Sandra struggled to keep up with all Islam’s holy days and fasting rituals, and every Ramadan she performed cleansing rituals to ask forgiveness.

But when a church planter entered our village, she explained there is no need to make sacrifices,” recalls Sandra. “Through Jesus Christ, who made a sacrifice, my sins can be forgiven. I can be sure of my standing before God.”

Now Sandra knows that Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice

With this Good News, Sandra felt called to give her life to Jesus and share the Good News through a small group Bible study.

I have a great burden now in my heart to serve the Lord and for those people who continually search for forgiveness for their sins,” Sandra says. “I feel compassion for those who repeat the customs I did. They work hard to observe the rules of the religion. But now I know Jesus Christ, and I have peace and freedom.”

Even persecution can’t stop Sandra’s faith

This commitment to teaching God’s Word has brought persecution from Sandra’s relatives. Still, she holds fast to her faith.

Jesus never forsakes us. I have peace even though people have rejected me. The Lord is always with me and I have put my faith and trust in him.”

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