A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love

This past Sunday was Mother’s day, a day that is set aside to appreciate the mother’s in our lives. From the very beginning, motherhood has been discussed in the Bible, and we have come to learn of powerful women who have raised great leaders; even one mother who gave birth in a stable to the Son of God.

As we celebrate the special women in our lives this week, we reflect on the amazing mother’s from the Bible who helped to spread the gospels and who followed the path that God set before them.

Sarah and Abraham

Many of us know of the famous story of Sarah, a woman who was well on in years and past the age to conceive and give birth to a child. In a time of doubt God told Sarah’s husband, Abraham, that she would give birth to a child. Sarah is known for her reaction of disbelief when first heard God’s promise, but she went on to be one of the most influential mothers in the Bible.

Mary and Jesus

Mary is one of the most prolific mother’s in history, as she gave birth to and raised, Jesus Christ. During a time of political turmoil, Mary and Joseph overcame adversity, judgement and criticism in order to raise the child that God had given her. The relationship that she and Jesus shared is overwhelming, and one that can be seen from the moment Jesus was born to the moment he died on the cross.

Elizabeth and John the Baptist

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, trusted in God to help her conceive a child. When Elizabeth gave birth to John, as an angel had instructed her to do so, she gave the child to God so that he may do great things and spread the gospels. Although this was difficult for her, she did so to praise God for giving her a son.

A mother’s love is beautiful, unending, and holds a special place in our history. Whether they are biological mothers or are women who have taken on that role and have influenced us to become better than we are, let us celebrate all that they have done.

“You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13