A gun seller is struck mute and healed by Jesus

BLC gun seller struck mute PS

Edwin made profits from the violence in Ecuador. Before he met Jesus, Edwin made a living selling guns. He didn’t mind the political instability and corruption because it helped him earn more money.

Miraculous healing for the mute gunrunner

Edwin had no interest in religion until, one day, he was struck mute. Panic overcame the gun seller and he turned to his community’s new Church for help. There, Edwin learned about Jesus’ promise and His ability to heal the mute and sick. The moment Edwin received Christ as his Saviour, he was able to speak again!

Even a converted gunrunner can spread the Word of God

Eager to share his new faith, Edwin was called by God to plant his own Church. He started with a handful of leaders and a congregation of just forty believers. Today, this very congregation has grown to plant 56 new Churches in Ecuador!

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