A Communist family is introduced to Jesus

BLC communist family introduced to jesus PS

Anton was a disobedient young boy until he learned about God. Like everyone who grew up in communist Russia, Anton’s parents denied the existence of Jesus Christ. Still they allowed Anton to go to a five-day children’s Bible club with his friends. Anton was excited for the games, crafts and treats that were promised.

Each day the club leader gathered the children to tell Bible stories. Anton was known for causing mischief, but now he was curious to hear about Jesus’ miracles. That week was his first time hearing that Jesus died on the cross for his sins.

The Bible stories inspired Anton to accept Jesus as his Saviour

Anton listened more closely than usual and spent the day deep in thought. At craft time, he drew a beautiful picture of Jesus on the cross.

I want to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour in my heart,” Anton told the Bible club leader. The leader responded, “Do you consider yourself a sinner?”. “Of course,” said Anton. “I misbehave. Sometimes I mistreat my friends. I disobey my mom. But now I know that Jesus loves me and He lives in my heart.” The leader led Anton through a simple prayer to ask for forgiveness and start his life on a new path.

Today, Anton is still growing in God’s love. He says, “Thank you for giving me the chance to learn about Jesus and become a Christian. I am so happy!

Children all across the globe are finding Jesus through Bible-based classes. Find out how you can support other children like Anton here.