A broken woman experiences God’s miracles

Woman praying on table

Marine had a happy life until tragedy came over her family. In 1988, two massive earthquakes destroyed Marine’s home in Northeast Armenia. Her family of seven barely recovered from the natural disaster: “So many years we had no electricity, gas, even in some places water.” Marine remembers. Still she found happiness in the love and kindness of her husband’s family.

Then something happened beyond everyone’s control: Marine’s husband began abusing alcohol and drugs, and his reckless behavior turned on the family. “My husband started to beat me very often.” Marine shares. She and the children were living in constant fear.

After a terrible beating, Marine almost gave up hope

One day, Marine was beaten so badly that she had to be rushed to the hospital. Her sisters-in-law took the children in, and when Marine recovered, she moved in as well. Her children were all that kept her from suicide during that hopeless time.

Marine was inspired when she heard the Gospel for the first time

That all changed when neighbors came to visit the home of Marine’s relatives. “They were Christians; they were very kind people. They told about God, Jesus, eternal life. I heard those things for the first time.”

Marine started attending a Bible study group and even felt safe to share her family troubles there. “They told me that God can do miracles and change my situation,” Marine explains. “Once, when they prayed for me, I felt some peace in my mind and a joy inside, but I could not understand what it was.”

She handed her life over to Jesus and a miracle happened

With newfound peace, Marine gave her life to Jesus. “It was a great time when I received a Bible for my own,” says Marine. “I started to read it by the hours. It seemed I was hungry for the Bible. I read and read, and my spirit was filling with a special peace.”

Before long, Marine brought this new love to her own broken relationships.

Then, I started to pray for my husband. Before, I could not forgive him. But I have decided to forgive my husband and even to help him to come to Jesus, because Jesus also forgave our sins, and only Jesus can change lives.”

These prayers brought on an unexpected miracle. Marine’s husband called to say he felt alone and needed his family back. Marine had never heard him say anything like this before.

God has brought happiness once again to this Armenian family

Marine’s life still has challenges today, but now she relies on Jesus as a steadfast anchor. With her transformation from fear to hope, Marine has found happiness in a new beginning.

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