A boy’s future is changed by Jesus

BLC boys future changed PS

Yamir was already on a path to trouble at 11 years old. He skipped school often, played pranks on his teachers, and ignored his homework. No one could control the young troublemaker. He spent his days playing in the slums and was forced to repeat grade 6 after failing his exams.

When Yamir’s mother fell ill, he moved in with his uncle and started attending a better school. Still he continued to skip class and behave poorly. Yamir’s uncle worried about the boy’s future as teachers called every other day to report new mischief.

With the right support, Yamir went from troublemaker to star student

One day, while playing in the mud, a friend started telling Yamir about the local children’s Bible club. “It’s really fun! You should come.” the friend encouraged.

The next day, Yamir decided to try it out. He saw children learning Bible songs for the first time and his feet began to move. He immediately loved the singing and actions. Yamir eagerly listened to stories about Jesus, understanding that this God was different than the Hindu ones his parents worshipped. To his uncle’s excitement, Yamir asked to be enrolled in the Bible club that day.

The Christian leaders started helping Yamir with his homework. Soon, he went from playing pranks on his teachers to concentrating on his studies. And everyone around him noticed the change.

Children’s Bible club gave Yamir a new future

Yamir also learned to pray to Jesus at Bible club. Today, he is a different boy. His attitude has been transformed. Yamir and his family thank the children’s Bible club for bringing them the Good News of Jesus!

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