Bible study changes lives!

Daw from Myanmar

From our ministry partner in Myanmar…

Today in Myanmar thousands of people have found satisfying answers to their questions in Bible study. True, when it comes to looking into the Bible some people say: “This is not my religion.” “It is too hard.” ‘I’m too busy.’ But others take a different view. There are many who welcome the opportunity to learn what the Bible teaches.

One Buddhist friend said, “I attended a Buddhist monastery and studied the teaching of Buddha. Yet many of my spiritual questions went unanswered. I had many questions about life. However a Christian friend called at my home. He shared the good news of Jesus Christ to me and answered my questions using only the Bible. I was deeply touched and impressed by his Bible-based answers. When he asked me if I wanted to learn more, I gladly accepted and agreed to a Bible study.”

Bible study changes lives!

‘When my son started studying the Bible, I noticed significant changes in him. Our family life improved’ says Daw.

‘After I began studying the Bible, I kicked my drug habit, stopped abusing alcohol, and learned to control my anger. What I learned made me a better person. I am so much happier. Studding the Bible brought our family together.’ Aung  (Daw’s son)

Please pray over the Bible studies in Myanmar and that God will bless the ministry workers abundantly.

 “And all who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers.”

Luke 2:47 (NKJV)