New ways to share the Good News


Tens of millions of Christians like Aamir are living in communities where simply owning a Bible can lead to beatings, imprisonment or death for the sake of Jesus Christ.

“We live in [a] difficult situation where we cannot freely exercise our faith,” says Aamir, a brother in East Africa who has been following Christ for four years. “There are many people in my society who are have been persecuted because of their faith or carrying Christian materials like the Bible,” he says. “We do not use hard copy Bibles for our house fellowship due to the security issues in my country. ”

For a young Christian like Aamir, a digital Bible makes a tremendous difference. “It is beautiful to have it in my mobile phone and in [a] secret place in my house,” he says. “…no one will notice what I will carry inside my mobile yet I have the whole Bible and many other materials in my phone.”

Digital Bibles offer thousands of unlimited Bible versions and resources in many foreign languages. Even when there are fears that their mobile device will be checked, they are able to remove the card and easily hide it.

Technology has opened exciting new ways of sharing the Good News. Please pray for the many Christians, like Aamir, who are in countries where persecution for their faith is an ever-present threat.