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100,000 believers are eagerly
waiting for their own Bibles.

We want you to meet Ah Phu.

Ah Phu has a deep calling to share the Word of God with his people, the Lisu of South East Asia, but he has no Bible.
Imagine trying to preach God’s Word without a Bible.

That’s why Bible League Canada exists.

We don’t leave Bibles on park benches or in public places where they could be overlooked or thrown away. We intentionally place Bibles with believers who’ve asked for them. This means that every single Bible you give goes to someone hungry for its truth, desperately seeking to grow in their faith but having NO Bible of their own.

August 31st is the end of our fiscal year and we are still facing an urgent need to place 100,000 Bibles into the hands of waiting believers like Ah Phu.

Many of these are local pastors, children’s ministry leaders, and evangelists who are trying to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without a Bible.

Will you help them? Your gift right now of as little as $5 is enough to answer someone’s prayer for a Bible.

Use the secure form below to place Bibles into waiting hands.