I once was lost…


Henry Flores was born in a Christian home, but when he reached adolescence, he decided to follow a different path. “I was very legalist. I was always judging others, so I decided to leave the church. I also began to get lost in alcohol. I let my friends carry me away. I was not okay, but every time I tried to leave that, I could not make it. I knew that only Christ could help me to defeat this addiction.”

“God dealt with my life and I began to think that if something happened to me, what would become of my children? That’s when I came back to the ways of Christ. I told my wife that we were going to start attending church. I saw the need, and God has promised that He will finish the work,” says Henry.

After someone invited him again to church, Henry found the freedom he had desired for so long. Since then his heart has been committed to serve God. In his denomination, Pentecostal Holiness, the long-term plan of planting churches had begun and Henry was invited to take part in the training for starting new churches.

“It has been very helpful and good because, thank God, we are reaching out with a different way of talking about the Word,” he says. “We want to always have more tools that simplify the work of the Kingdom of God.”

When he reached the part of putting the training into practice, this church planter was impacted by the hunger in the people of the neighborhood Berlín, located in the Guatemalan region of Retalhuleu. When Henry began working, one family joined him and after that, two more. Now, around 15 people are in discipleship and will be part of the new church.

Nevertheless, Henry was still reaching out to other people and found out that some were not really interested. But when he asks them if they can pray for them, they do not resist and accept it. “One day I was visiting a lady and she began to have a lot of pain in her stomach. We prayed for her and she received healing, and now she is part of our group,” Henry happily says on seeing how God has been acting in an unpredictable way. Testimonies like this have served to see that the people, little by little, are seeing that God is real and that they can reach out to Him.

For this church planter, the task is just started and he is not discouraged because he knows that after being rescued and reconciled with God, just like him, there are many who need to know the Word.

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6 (NIV)